Master Chef

HongKong Master Chef Chan Sung Og

Mr Chan Sung Og was born in 1956 in Dinghai of Zhejiang Province, China. His early education started at the age of 12 when he entered the food and beverage industry and was trained in the preparation of Beijing food.

In 1969, his apprenticeship under Mr Zou Cunfu – one of the former Four Renowned Chefs of China – began and Mr Chan embarked on his culinary career.

In 1977, Mr Chan joined Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant as Assistant Chief Cook and was promoted to Chief Cook in 1984. He is today the restaurant’s Manager and Executive Chef. He is also a Committee Member of the Restaurant Association of Singapore. With Mr Chan’s professional culinary experience and management, he played a crucial role in establishing Prima Tower’s renowned reputation as an authentic premium Beijing cuisine restaurant.

Awards and Accolades

In 2001, Mr Chan received the “Best Dish Award” in the Chinese Restaurant category for the Singapore Gourmet Guide. These include: the “Royal Copenhagen Top Restaurant Award” for 1996, 2001 and 2002; the title of the “Most Popular Chinese Cuisine Restaurant” from the Singapore Gourmet Hunt 1999 jointly organized by Singapore’s 95.8 and 97.2 Radio Stations; and the honour of being certified as one of Singapore’s Best Restaurants for 4 consecutive years from 1996 to 1999 by the leading gourmet guide Singapore Best Restaurants.

For the past 17 years, Mr Chan has made many appearances in television demonstrating his expertise in Peking food preparation. In 1988, he starred with Hong Kong artiste, Ms Chen Song Ling (香港著名女星陈松龄小姐) in the Singapore ‘President Community Chest’ (总统星光慈善夜) demonstrating ‘La Mian’ (Peking home-made noodle).

In 1999, he assisted Pasir Panjang Grassroot Organisations in achieving the World Longest Noodle Breaking Record in Guinness Book of Records. In the same year, under Mr Chan’s management and supervision, Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant was awarded Gold Medal (金鼎将) as the ‘Top Restaurant’ and also the ‘Most Popular’ restaurant.

In 2001, Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant was once again awarded ‘Silver Award Medal’ and ‘Excellent Food Award’.Mr Chan was one of the judges in the 4th ‘World Championship of Chinese Cuisine’ held from 26 June to 1 July 2002 in Kuala Lumpur. In 2004, he was also one of the judges in MediaCorp Channel U program ‘非你莫属’.

In 2005, Mr Chan was awarded an Honorary Award in the Singapore Gourmet Hunt. He had also lead Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant to be voted the Most Popular Chinese Cuisine Restaurant (Category A) in the competition. And in 2006, he received an Honour Memory Award for his participation in ‘Wanna Challenge’ (想挑战吗), a joint television program between CCTV and MediaCorp Channel 8.

In 2006, Chef Chan was invited to be one of the judges for ‘Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Championship Series’, which was organized by Singapore Tourism Board. He was also awarded as International Famous Master Chef for Chinese Cuisine by World Association of Chinese Cuisine and became a member of Chaine Des Rotisseurs.

Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant HongKong Master Chef Chan Sung Og